Composite bonding generates a beautiful smile

It is said that an average person smiles 50 times a day. Some of us may not realize the value of our smile and sometimes we take it for granted. But it is a simple human gesture that shows kindness, welcome and attractiveness toward something or someone. Most importantly, a smile shows happiness.

This past November, Dr. Janet Parsons increased the smile-count for one of our patients tremendously. Using the composite bonding on patient’s front teeth that were aged and defective, Dr. Parsons was able to bring a beautiful smile back to life (see before and after images).

Dr. Parson's Composite Bonding Before and After

Composite bonding is a procedure that is less expensive than veneers, but still delivers pleasing results. Needless to say, our patient was excited and happy with the outcome––she couldn’t stop smiling when she left our office.

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And remember, “Keep smiling – it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to. “~Author Unknown

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