Dr. Basile – Orthodontics At Valley Dental Group!

Dr. Joseph Basile

Dr. Joseph Basile

Dr. Basile, who is known by his patients as “Dr. Joe” provides orthodontic care at Valley Dental Group on Tuesday mornings! More and more adults are choosing to receive orthodontic care for reasons such as crowding and spacing, uneven bite which can cause wearing, TMJ, and migraine headaches.

Dr. Joe practiced Pediatric Dentistry for four years in the Twin Cities and Oregon, then decided to return to the University of Minnesota in 2000 to pursue a second residency program in Orthodontics. Upon completion of this program in 2002, he began practicing exclusively as an orthodontist. Dr. Basile is a board certified orthodontist and a certified provider for Invisalign® (invisible aligners).

Dr. Joe is currently accepting new orthodontic patients at Valley Dental Group and offers no charge consults!

If you are curious about how orthodontics can help you, please contact us, or call the office at 763-544-2213 today!

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