LeAnn celebrates 25 years!

LeAnn has passionately practiced dental hygiene at Valley Dental Group since 1994.  LeAnn focus on bringing her patients to their optimum dental health has not gone un-noticed.  Her leagues of dedicated patients can testify to that!  Her dedication to give the patients the best dental care is unwavering and very appreciated. 

Through out the years, LeAnn has also been the Radiation and Hazardous Waste Safety Officer.  Always making sure that Valley Dental Group stays compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations.  LeAnn has also been instrumental in training and mentoring new employees to the team.  She is a visionary and has always given great input on an always improving culture.

LeAnn has recently scaled back her hours to spend more time on her ranch, where her and her husband board horses and LeAnn gives riding lessons. 

We thank LeAnn for her dedication and hard work over the last 25 years. Congratulations LeAnn on 25!

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