The Power of Sour!

In the past 20 years, candies marketed to children have been of the “fruity” or “sour” variety.  Sour candies are very acidic, some so that it can actually burn gums and cheeks!  Acid weakens and wears away tooth enamel, which makes teeth more prone to tooth decay.

The best protection against tooth erosion is eliminating or decreasing consumption of sour candies.  Do not suck or chew sour candies for long periods of time.  Ongoing sucking prolongs acid attacks on your teeth.  If you do eat a sour candy, swish your mouth with water, drink milk, or eat cheese afterwards to neutralize the acids.  Chewing sugar-free gum produces saliva which protects the tooth enamel.  Another thing to remember is after eating sour candy or other acidic foods or drinks, WAIT one HOUR before brushing teeth.  Brushing right away increases the harmful effects of acid on teeth.

Don’t be misled by the high fruit content promoted on many sour candy packages.  It may sound healthy, but the acid levels are high and can cause severe tooth erosion in young children.  Don’t underestimate the power of the sour!

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