Use it or Lose it!

It’s true. Whether you’re paying for dental care through a benefits plan or using an FSA, your current plans will most likely run out on December 31. Don’t let your hard-earned dental dollars go to waste.  Now is the time to schedule any appointments for your dental needs!  Waiting until December to schedule is risky business because schedules become very full, very fast for the end of the year.  Before the end of the year approaches, follow this checklist from Delta Dental to maximize your dental benefits!

  • Use Your Preventive Benefits

Most dental coverages focus on preventive care and completely covers services like regular exams and cleanings when you see a participating network dentist. Take advantage of this coverage, as preventive care can benefit your oral and overall health and save you money in the long run.

  • Check Your Deductible

Your deductible is the specific dollar amount you pay out of pocket toward covered services before your dental insurance applies payment to those services. Under most comprehensive plans, routine cleanings and exams don’t count toward your deductible.

If you’ve met your deductible for this year, now may be a good time to schedule any dental treatment you’ve been delaying. Most plans reset your deductible on January 1 of each new year.

  • Know Your Annual Maximum

Your annual maximum is the maximum dollar amount your insurance will pay toward the cost of your covered dental care. Keep in mind that once you’ve used up your maximum, you’ll be responsible for paying the entire cost of your dental care for the rest of the year. Just be sure to use it up by the end of the year, since any amount remaining doesn’t roll over into the next year.

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