We’ve made the move to Digital X-rays!

It’s 2016! Movies are 3D, cars run on electricity, everyone and their mother (even their grandmother!) has a smart phone…advanced technology greatly enhances our everyday lives, and it can greatly enhance your dental experience as well. Our commitment to providing high quality care makes the safety of our patients and the dental team a priority. The technologies and equipment that we select are efficient, cost effective, and safe for the environment.

The addition of digital dental x-ray technology has met and exceeded the rigorous standards relating to our commitment to safety and quality. Dental x-rays, also referred to as radiographs, are a vital component to your comprehensive and periodic examinations. They enable our dentists to detect decay (cavities) below the surface of the enamel and between the teeth. Restorations such as fillings, crowns, and root canals can be evaluated for defects and new decay. Periodontal disease, bone loss, and tarter buildup can be detected and addressed with x-rays. Developmental conditions, cysts, and dental implant procedures depend upon x-ray technology for proper evaluation and treatment.

Through the use of digital x-ray technology, our dentists can provide a thorough examination with less radiation exposure than traditional x-ray films! Digital x-ray systems employ a highly sensitive sensor to capture images of your teeth and bones. The sensor is activated when exposed to even a minimal dose of radiation, and the image is transmitted directly to a nearby computer. Once the images are captured, the dentist has the ability to enhance them for clarity and contrast. Suspicious findings can be highlighted for closer evaluation.

Also safe for the environment, digital technology reduces the need for disposable packaging, printing materials, and caustic developing solutions. The images are saved directly to the computer or formatted for email purposes; a virtually paper-free process!

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