Why are dental radiographs (x-rays) of my teeth necessary?

The 20th-century brought on major innovations in dentistry. One of the technological innovations that truly advanced how dentists provide dental care was dental radiographs, the x-ray. It’s certainly hard to imagine that dental issues were once only judged by the naked eye, but the x-ray allowed dentists to see further and beyond the exterior workings of the mouth.

The use of x-rays during an office visit helps your dentist see between the teeth and if there are signs of tooth decay, damaged roots, damage to bones and gums, cysts, tumors and other problems that you may not have symptoms of … yet.

X-rays help ensure your mouth stays healthy, and fix problems before they become complicated painful problems. Because of the use of high speed film and other techniques, the risk of a missed problem far outweighs the risk of the minimal radiation used in today’s dental films.

If you have any questions or concerns about dental x-rays, please contact us or ask your dentist upon your next visit!

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